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House Mum

35 pound a night isn't bad but she's alright too so I don't mind paying it. You get some cunts though, right fucking cunts who ruin ya night cos they are always watching and seeing if ya doing anything you shouldn't be. The managers a dirty cunt too, Swedish guy. Him and his wife run it, the dirty cunts. Lokka's alright, she's ok. Funny as fuck. She comes from this really strict religious back ground and so when it comes to work she fucking goes mad mate. The fucking manager took her back to his last Saturday with his wife and they had this threesome right. I phones her the next day, she's like "yea he just kept hassling me so I thought fuck it". She'll make one line last her all night. She'll just cut a massive one up and take it all and that fucks her for the rest of the fucking night mate. Hahahaha.

Men are dirty filthy cunts. You'll fucking do anything. You filthy cunts.



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